Why I do this

To stand in front of the camera and deliver when it really counts. When it all falls into place and the entire film crews’ presence causes the atmosphere to vibrate. When a single glance delivered at exactly the right moment will cause time to stand still. To throw myself into the ”uncertainty” of where the story will take us. All I know is what’s required of me; to do my job. With passion, trust and stamina.

“Working with Oscar was a very joyful experience. He always came prepared and delivered his performance impeccably. He had also done good groundwork for his character, both in terms of learning a local accent and to creep under the skin of his character. He was a true trooper during shooting a, at many times, very physically demanding role. We would love to work with Oscar again!”

Björn Stein and Måns Mårlind, Midnight Sun

When faced with the challenge I start by searching for the core of the story. I look for the moments that take me to places where we are both vulnerable and strong, simply the human duality. I love the feeling when solid research, dedicated work of both mind and body make the character come to life. All it takes to give you the ultimate movie experience.

“Oscar is a never-say-die, inventive and loyal actor to work with.”

Suzanne Osten, Edward II

“Oscar is one of the most dedicated actors I´ve worked with, his going to go all the way.”

Levan Akin, Real Humans

The power of motion pictures gives me a rush, it’s a privilege to be part of a narrative that broadens my own and my fellow humans view of our world. To deliver a performance that will nail you to your seat with laughter, fear or joy.

Thank you!